Dissertation Conclusion

A dissertation conclusion is the final part of your dissertation paper. The purpose this section is to examine the importance of the data within the dissertation to the current world.  This section does not present any new information, but it does work to contextualize the information within the paper and propose its usefulness to the larger world.  A good dissertation conclusion should answer any common questions such as what populations could benefit from this research and why?  Were the methods used to obtain data the best ones? Why or why not? The conclusion is one of the shorter sections within a dissertation; only the abstract section may be shorter.  Depending upon the length of the dissertation itself, it may range from two pages to more than ten pages.

Tips for Writing a Dissertation Conclusion

Many great tips exist for writing a dissertation conclusion. First, after finishing the methodology and discussion section, set the paper aside for a few days, take a break, and then begin the conclusion. The previous section will likely be the most difficult to write, so give your brain a rest.  Second, have an outline handy that highlights the main points covered in the discussion section, and review them in the conclusion. Third, never introduce any type of new information in this section; it should only discuss key points already covered in the previous sections.  Fourth, be clear regarding the findings within the paper and who or what can benefit from them.

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